New Kitchen Costs

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New Kitchen Costs

kitchen costs

The average cost of a new kitchen

The average price of a new kitchen and fresh kitchen install can vary a lot. When we produce quotes for customers, we try to breakdown the overall cost as much as possible.
One of those breakdowns is the Dry-fit, Dry-fit refers to the installation of kitchen cabinets and worktops and won’t include appliances. The average cost for our customers is £2200.

Appliance installation will vary depending on whether it is integrated or freestanding, gas or electric but, a useful average guide is £65.

The Average cost of buying a new kitchen will depend very much on where you purchase the kitchen. If you buy from a large national company with showrooms in every town the cost will likely be higher. Some companies are very sails orientated, and even though the price may look heavily discounted, it’s often quite the opposite. Our kitchens range from £4500 to £14000 based on average 13 unit kitchen.


There can often be more to a new kitchen installation than just fitting the kitchen and appliances.

Electrical work may be necessary if your kitchen is not on a separate ring and oven on an MCB the work will be more involved. Often you may only require some additional sockets and power for cabinet lights. It’s always worth giving your kitchen lighting plenty of consideration, and we can help with this. We use for a lot of our lighting requirements. We also install smart lighting and have a short youtube vid that shows what we can do here

Flooring, If you’re changing your kitchen, it’s a great time to change the flooring and always worth installing a floor that will last and last. Your main options are Tiles, lino and engineered wood. At RA Kitchens we think Tiles are the best option and there are so many possibilities with tiles, even wood effect. We don’t recommend Laminate for kitchens.


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